I love a great story!

And, the journey of The Andean Collection is one worth knowing. When Amanda Judge, was conducting field research for a Masters’ thesis in 2008 her heart began to stir… she felt convicted to bring sustainable change to impoverished communities in South America.

Her passion combined with her knowledge of poverty reduction strategies in rural South America was the inspiration she needed to birth the Andean Collection. And, Amanda felt that the biggest opportunity for sustainable economic growth was in jewelry making.

Ecuador has a long, rich history of handcrafting jewelry out of rainforest seeds, and there was also a global demand for well-made, one of-kind pieces. The research also showed that access to the global market was crucial to reducing poverty in these areas.

How inspiring that the impact of one young woman’s passion has lead to 60 artisan partnerships across 8 fair trade workshops in Ecuador. The unique blend of natural materials & the skilled craftsmanship of the artisans has developed a bold, handcrafted, on-trend jewelry style.

When you consider the jewels you wear – think about the story behind them.

Is there one?

Consider being a voice that allows folks to emerge from poverty by buying goods with justice minded intention. The Andean Collection has continued to empower artisans & the esteemed brand is soaring in mainstream and sustainable fashion industries.

Andean Collection from Campfire Creative on Vimeo.

Visit the Andean Collection to learn more about the social impact & transparency their company in known for!

*Photography via The Andean Collection


Creative Process - One Mango Tree

Twig Design & Style loves to support fair trade businesses that are passionate about creatively bringing change & justice. When he heard the story of One Mango Tree we were eager to partner & share their story with others. How inspiring that from a seedling idea, One Mango Tree came to life!

Halle Butvin, founder of One Mango Tree, first traveled to Uganda in June 2006 to learn more of the conflict in the northern part of the country. From that experience she began to dream about how youth could play an integral role in re-building peace. Woven into her spirit were variations of colors, endless bright fabrics she saw in the marketplace, & the whirring sounds of sewing machines. Little inklings of One Mango Tree began to birth in her heart.

In her visits to Uganda, Halle partnered with Global Youth Partnership for Africa, which brought American & Ugandan youth together to focus on topics of sustainable peace. Her devotion to the people of Uganda evolved as she continued to meet with young leaders, civil society groups, & individuals. Through her conversations she realized an underlying thread the importance of economic empowerment.

Twig Design & Style is so thankful to be able to support the works of these beautiful Ugandan women & the story of One Mango Tree!

It just so happens our favorite infinity scarf from the Spring 2012 Collection is their March Giveway – check out their blog, spread the news, & maybe you will win it!

NEW SPRING STYLES by One Mango Tree will be available through Twig Design & Style in April!

Start Small, Dream Big, Change Lives


Twig Design & Style continues to be inspired by the mission & story of
Global Girlfriend
that emerged in 2003, when a passionate woman harnessed the power of fair trade to help women in poverty help themselves.

Eight years ago, Stacey Edgar had a $2,000 tax return & a deep desire to help provide economic security for women in need. She knew that of the 1.3 billion people living on less than $1 per day, 70% are women.

What she didn’t have was a business plan. Or a passport. But, that didn’t stop her from creating a socially conscious business model that has helped impoverished women in five continents feed their families & send their children to school.

Twig Design & Style
has been blessed to offer a variety of Global Girlfriends unique products including scarves, eco-friendly bags, & clutches. The Flower of Life Clutch continues to be our best seller. It was such a thrill when an order came through from a bride that wanted to give the Flower of Life Clutch as her bridesmaids gifts – we continue to be in awe of how when heartbeats align together the result creates such positive change.

The hand-sewn clutch is available in pink, teal & green and adds a great pop of color to a spring outfit!

Twig Design & Style
is grateful that one woman’s passion has interwoven real women
all over the world, from Guatemala to Nepal, from Haiti to Uganda.

So, consider what you are buying when you shop -USE FASHION TO TELL A STORY!

Through simple steps like fair trade purchases we can begin to help eliminate extreme poverty.

No. 2: Fashion With Purpose


Everyday, we have a choice. To be silent or to speak boldly.

Choose the later: share your voice & tell a story worth telling. Carrying a Back to the Roots bag opens the door to share the story of a child’s life being impacted by the ministry of the Asha House. I continue to be inspired by those that step out in faith to be a voice for the overlooked & vulnerable.

Twig Design & Style has been grateful to support the fair trade merchandise of
Back to the Roots – because, behind each bag is the face of a child in need of love & grace, just like the rest of us. Back To The Roots encourages the purchase of fair trade goods -  in turn, contributing care for our neighbors worldwide.

Back to the Roots Story:

With your help we will bind up the broken-hearted & set the captives free. This could be anything from providing a home for vulnerable children in India, caring for a young girl rescued out of trafficking, providing jobs & training for people stateside & abroad, or helping to meet the needs of the hurting people in our local communities. No matter what the need is, we will strive, with your help, to take care of our hurting brothers and sisters across the globe.

Back to the Roots bags are available through Twig Design & Style
located at
Cotswold Marketplace.

No. 1: Fashion With Purpose

recycled style

“As a consumer, you can be both fashionable & responsible.”

Be inspired by the vibrant colors of the Sari Bracelet, made by artisans of the Ana Art Group in Old Delhi, India.

Their designs are not only fashion forward but also eco-friendly.

The Sari Bracelet design features two braids made from recycled pieces of saris, connected together with a metal closure.

Artistically, they transformed a traditional Indian garment, into an accessory piece that can JAZZ UP your attire for a day on the town.

When Twig Design & Style began carrying the Handmade Expressions product line, we were encouraged by their Fair Trade and ethically responsible business practices.

Ana Art Group Story:

Handmade Expressions started working with the Ana Art Group after receiving an email from a young girl named Sana living in Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, India. She explained that her family and members of the community make jewelry, but they were being mistreated by their current employers. Sana found hope for the future through the fair employment opportunities offered by partnering with Handmade Expressions.

Ruchi, the product designer and developer for Handmade Expressions, and Rashmi, the sourcing and artisan relations coordinator, met with Sana’s family in their home in India. After meeting with the family and hearing the unjust story of Sana’s community, they were reminded of the overlying reason why Fair Trade is integral in creating sustainable working environments.

Moved by the story of the Ana Art Group, their willingness to work and the beautiful products made by the small community, Handmade Expressions started supporting the Ana Art Group.

Twig Design & Style is grateful to support companies like Handmade Expressions.

“Their products not only define style – but, they TELL A STORY, the story of the artisan who made it.”